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Clean up, charge up with TowlHub

The TowlHub paper towel holder includes USB ports and comes with optional speakers. The kitchen accessory can charge up to four devices at once.

It’s easy to take the lowly kitchen paper towel for granted. All we have to do is reach out, tear off a sheet and let the little marvel do what it does best (assuming we remembered to stock up during the last trip to the store). It can clean, cover, soak, store, hide, serve and that’s just the beginning. So isn’t the paper towel deserving of a kitchen accessory more fitting of its capabilities? SkyMall says yes.

The TowlHub with 4 USB Ports ($49.99; SkyMall) is as versatile as the kitchen helper it is designed to hold. The paper towel holder not only includes multiple USB ports, but it is also available with two integrated Bluetooth speakers and a microphone for thirty dollars more. Yes, your new paper towel holder can be used as a speaker phone.

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Power up all of your devices with this one-of-a-kind paper towel holder that also sports four USB ports.
No more fighting over outlets to charge your devices!

Now you can safely charge up to four devices utilizing only one power cord, freeing up other electrical outlets for your many other kitchen appliances. The interchangeable topper is actually a wine stopper so it is customizable, featuring a knob that may be removed or replaced with your own wine stopper to complement any decor, holiday or season.

The TowlHub boasts a sleek, stainless steel, contemporary design, and fits any standard or jumbo sized paper towel roll. The weighted, water resistant, non-slip base is heavy enough to provide stability and includes a grooved edge which keeps paper towels from unraveling. The top is equipped with a rigid rubber ring adding just enough friction to allow for the freedom of a single sheet tear using just one hand. The TowlHub is the perfect blend of unique design and practicality.

Brushed Nickel.

Select item with or without 2 Bluetooth Speakers.

14-1/2″H x 7″W x 7″D; 4.4lbs.



TowlHub (USB paper towel holder with interchangeable topper)

4 USB ports protected in a water resistant base utilizing only one power cord to safely charge up to 4 separate devices. Perfect for any kitchen or workroom, great for RV’s too!

Works with all Apple, Samsung, and any device that charges with USB: iphone3,4,5,5S. Ipads&Mini-Ipads. Samsung: S3, S4, S5. Galaxy notes2,3,8.1. HTC, Blackerrys, Motorola, Android phones. It will even charge Playstation Vitas!

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Fire Ring

Enjoy a campfire anywhere without the smoke and the need to gather firewood when you take along the Gas Fire Ring from Camp Chef.

This portable fire ring comes with a base, a high-pressure burner, and 12 pounds of lava rock to help disperse the flames and heat. The 15-inch-diameter ring stands 7 inches tall and includes a regulator and a 5-f00t-long hose to connect to a propane container. The ring and lava rock pack away neatly in the included travel bag until it’s time to use them again.

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TowlHub USB Paper Towel Holder

3-in-1 Converter / USB Charger

As if it weren’t amazing enough that there are paper towels so strong that a single quilted sheet can mop up an entire glass of spilt milk someone’s crying over. Now these paper towels’ holders can charge up to 4 of my smartphones and tablets, placating the sobbing babies with playlists and Netflix videos during cleanup. The TowelHub requires just one power outlet to execute these alarming capabilities, and even comes with a removable top knob that fancy paper towel holder owners can personalize with their own wine stoppers.

TowelHub’s stainless steel center rod accommodates any standard or jumbo-sized paper towel roll. It has a weighted, non-slip base and top rubber ring rigid enough to enable single-towel tears the instant one’s service is required. The station’s USB ports charge all Apple and Samsung phones, plus HTC, Blackberry, Motorola, and Android products.

TowlHub with 4 USB Ports For Your iPhone & Tablets

So you want to use your iPhone or iPad in the kitchen all the time?

Maybe you just need another power station in your home to charge your devices before you are ready to leave. Either way, the TowlHub can help. It not only holds your paper towel rolls, but it also charges your gadgets. It has a stainless steel design and a weighted water resistant base.

TowlHub has an interchangeable topper that is a wine stopper. You can use this to connect 4 USB devices, opening up electrical outlets for your kitchen appliances. TowlHub makes a great addition to your smart kitchen.

TowlHub – the only paper towel USB hub in the known universe…we think

So exactly how kooky do you like your gadgets?

Weird enough to make you go whoosh, or just a little strange? We’re not exactly sure where this fits on the scale, but it sure makes for an interesting thought experiment. Which marketing dude or gal came up with the idea of paper towels and device charging?

And why? Anyhoo, this TowlHub comes with 4 USB 2.0 ports embedded in the base, from which you can charge up all your phones, tablets and fish fryers. Should you have any 5V fryers to charge of course. Now we know your brain is already popping with this amazing tech, but we’re going to do more by saying that you can order it with or without Bluetooth speakers.

TowlHub Paper Towel Holder keep your hands clean and gadgets charged

Towel Holder is the most important utility in a cleanliness freak’s kitchen.

And, now your towel holder, will do much more than you can expect. It will not only dispense fresh paper towels, but it will juice up your gadgets too. Though, its not as cute as Coke Vending Machine Paper towel Holder, but it’s utility is much higher. The TowlHub equips the kitchen towel holder with four USB ports for charging devices, and is also available in a ‘TowlTunes’ version, which features wireless Bluetooth speakers.TowelHub’s stainless steel center rod accommodates any standard or jumbo-sized paper towel roll. It has a weighted, non-slip base and top rubber ring rigid enough to enable single-towel tears the instant one’s service is required.Works with all Apple, Samsung, and any device that charges with USB, this device comes with detachable power cord for easy portability.

This is the most unique charging hub for the kitchen you’ll see today

I’ve seen lots of attempts at creating a sleek charging station for the kitchen counter, but this is something I’ve never seen.

The TowlHub doesn’t take up any extra room on your counter, because it replaces your current paper towel holder. It’s made of stainless steel with a weighted base for stability. It holds any standard or jumbo-sized roll of towels. You can cap the TowlHub with your own wine bottle stopper. It plugs into a wall outlet with the included power cord, and it has four USB ports that can charge smartphones, tablets, and even the Playstation Vita. It’s $49.99 at TowlHub or Amazon.

TowlHub: USB-Ladestation für vier iPhones, Tablets

Eine Küchenrolle mit USB-Anschluss ermöglicht das Aufladen von Smartphones und Tablets direkt in der Küche, während der Kaffee aufgebrüht wird.

Die Geräte-Neuheit ist derzeit nur in den USA zu haben.

Hersteller TowlHub verspricht sich wohl bei einem Preis von 49,99 Dollar bei Online-Händlern einigen Absatz. Vier USB-fähige Geräte können an der Basis des Papierrollenhalters eingesteckt und geladen werden. Es gibt zwei Varianten, mit und ohne Lautsprecher für 79,99 Dollar oder eben knapp 50 Dollar.

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TowlHub with 4 USB Ports from SkyMall. Power up all of your devices with this one-of-a-kind paper towel holder that also sports four USB ports.

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